In children’s ministry, we have an awesome opportunity to influence children to love God and live for Him every day.  Those of us in this ministry are doing just that every week.  And it’s so important.  Children are growing up in a culture where they need to know Jesus and they need to know Him now.  Think about it.  How many teenagers and young adults do you know who are living with regrets and broken hearts?  What if they had received Jesus as their Savior when they were a child?  What if they grew up with the desire to live God’s ways?  I have seen the difference that this makes.  Children need to know right now that there is right and wrong, that the Bible is true and that there is a God who loves them and will never leave them when they come to Him.  We can have a part in leading children to a real relationship with Jesus that will change their lives forever.

Join me on my adventure as I encourage children to love God and live for Him every day!