I sprayed the entire children’s choir with water!  Well, actually, I had my teen leader do the actual spraying of the water.  We needed the element of surprise.  This isn’t something we do every week.  I can explain.

You see, I’ve never been a big fan of the hymns.  I grew up with the NIV Bible so words like Thee and Thou can be so confusing.  And the tunes are so…you know…slow.  But when I have heard of the story behind the hymn, well, that changes everything.  The words begin to have meaning, the song comes to life and I begin to love God even more.  So when I recently found the music for a hymn and learned the story that inspired it, I couldn’t wait to share it with the children.

This hymn was inspired by a strong storm and a rainbow.  Kids can relate to storms and rainbows.  So I shared the story.  First we imagined the sky getting darker.  Then we snapped our fingers to make the rain begin slowly, then slapped our legs faster and then faster to make the rain come down harder and harder.  And then came the rain!  Yes, we sprayed water up in the air so it would fall onto the children.  Then we made the rain stop and we imagined the sky clearing.  Then came the rainbow and we pretended that we heard church bells ringing in the distance.  After that, I shared the words of the song, “How Great Thou Art,” with the children and we discussed the power and greatness of God.  It was wonderful!  And guess what?  The next week, the children remembered.  The children enjoyed singing the hymn and remembered the power and greatness of our awesome God.  Maybe I’m becoming more of a fan of the hymns.