This summer I hosted a 5-Day Club in my backyard.  What an awesome time!  As I consider all that went on here that week I remember the construction workers at the new house next door.  They would have seen us playing tag and listening to Bible stories.  They definitely heard us shout out God’s Word and sing our song about the joy that Jesus gave to us.  A large group of children can be quite loud!  Perhaps that is all they noticed – just a fun club of kids during a hot week in summer.  But that’s not all that God saw.

That same week I taught my Sunday school class about looking at things with God’s perspective.  We learned about the twelve spies that Moses sent out to give a report about the land that God was giving them.  In class we sent out our own twelve spies, complete with costumes.  Then they came back with their reports.  You know the story, but it made me think.  Joshua and Caleb were the only ones who saw things from God’s point of view.  How often have I not seen things from God’s point of view, just like those ten spies and the workers on the other side of the fence?

That week was more than a fun week of games, songs and Bible lessons.  That week children heard the clear message of the Gospel, memorized Scripture, and sang songs about Jesus to their parents at home.  Seeds were planted and a few eternities were changed forever.  Definitely more than what could be observed by just looking over the fence.  Young lives were influenced to love God and I received a gentle reminder to see things from God’s perspective.

That was an awesome week!