“I want to wear those short shorts.”

I was chatting with a fifth grade girl the other day when she shared this information with me.  She had noticed the older girls wearing very short shorts to school and mentioned that she wanted to wear them, too.  I understand wanting to wear the latest fashions and wanting to be noticed.  No one wants to feel alone or unseen.

I thought about Ruth in the Bible.  Ruth got noticed by Boaz.  Yes, he initially noticed her because she was new on his field and he was probably interested in finding out who she was because she was pretty, but it was what was inside of Ruth that caused Boaz to fall in love with her.

Ruth had decided to become a Christian and she was letting the love of God flow through her.  She gave up everything to go with Naomi and to live in Naomi’s land.  They had nothing so she gleaned in the fields with the poor people and worked harder than anyone had ever worked.  She did all of this because of her love for Naomi.  And word got out.

When Boaz heard about the way that Ruth cared so much for Naomi, he fell in love with her.  It wasn’t because of her clothes or her outward beauty.  Yes, it’s important to be healthy and always look our best, but it is also important to love God and let His love flow through us.  People will notice the love of God in us every time.

It’s just like a Hostess Cupcake!  You’ve seen those wonderful chocolate cupcakes with the chocolate icing and curly white frosting decorating the top.  They look delicious!  But when you break apart the cupcake you find something even better – glorious cream!  Everyone knows that the cream in the middle is the best part of the cupcake!  Without the cream it is just like any other chocolate cupcake.  The cream in the middle makes all the difference!  Just like knowing God makes a huge difference in us.  Anyone can put on the latest fashions and get noticed for that.  But only those of us who know God and choose to live His ways can make a huge difference in our world.

I want to be known for the love of God that people see in me.  Just like Ruth.  I hope my fifth grade friend does, too.  What about you?