Today we are waiting for a NASA satellite to come falling down from the sky.  It’s interesting that people put things out in space and they come crashing down, but God put things in space – think planets, stars, sun, moon – and they are still there thousands of years later.

Sailors years ago used the stars in the sky to know their location and the season.  Today we still look up at the stars and see those same constellations.  We look in the sky expecting to see the stars because we know they will be there.  In the morning we know the sun will rise and it does.  Because God has everything in control.  He is that powerful.  And we are not.

The things we do can come crashing down on us.  In children’s ministry we must minister to the kids through the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through us.  We must plan.  We must prepare.  We must also pray.  If we try to do ministry just on our own and forget about God, our ministry will not work.  Eventually it will come crashing down.  When we count on God to move, amazing things will happen.  Children will come to know Him.  They will be excited to pray and read their Bibles.  They will tell their friends about Jesus.  Ephesians 3:20 says, “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us,” (NIV).  Just imagine the possibilities!

The sun will go down tonight.  The stars will come out.  Because God is powerful and He is in control.  Let’s trust God’s power this week to work in our classes.  There are children who feel like the sky is falling down on them right now.  We can show them the God who knows them and loves them, the God who will never leave them.  Our kids need to know our God who holds the stars in the sky and brings the sun up every morning.

The NASA satellite will fall, but the stars, the sun and the moon will stay in the sky.  Do the kids in our ministries know our powerful God?