10.  Songs by bands like Hillsong Kids, Go Fish and PureNRG are on your iPod.  And you enjoy listening to them.

9.  You have taken pictures of Sunday school hallways in other churches with your cell phone.

8.  You have a shelf in your home full of things like bubbles, Silly String, sand, rocks and PlayDo.  (And you have no young children in your home.)

7.  You clean your storage shelves, but you can’t get rid of things like old suit coats, robes and empty wrapping paper rolls because you want to use them for lessons.

6.  You visit a church and get excited about their Children’s Ministry, even though all of your own children are too old to attend those classes.

5.  You look at things like toys and snacks and immediately think of object lessons for your Sunday school kids.

4.  One of your favorite Bible translations is NIrV.

3.  Everywhere you go – the grocery store, the orthodontist, the mall, … – you run into children you know.

2.  You search for something in your desk and find thank you notes from parents and other volunteers and drawings from children who used to be in your classes.

1.  You have influenced a child to love Jesus for today, tomorrow and eternity!