Okay.  So there’s good fear – like being afraid to cross a street full of cars speeding by.  And there’s bad fear – like being afraid to ask a question about an assignment in school.  And then being afraid to tell your mom that you didn’t do your homework because you were afraid to ask your teacher how to do it.  So you lie to your mom and then to your teacher because you didn’t do your homework.  A couple days later your teacher e-mails your mom and your mom finds out you lied to her and you didn’t do your schoolwork.  Now you end up with no screen time for the whole weekend!  No TV.  No video games.  For the whole weekend.  Yes, when we let our fear control us we end up going down the wrong path that leads to a huge mess.  Like being covered in Silly String!

Satan knows that if he can get us to let our fear control us, we will do things like tell lies and do things that harm us.  And end up in a big mess.

This week in Good News Club I got to share with the children what we should do when we are afraid and have problems.  You know – things like remembering how big and great our God is and talking to our parents and talking to God.  We can ask God for help and then trust Him to answer us.  And then thank Him!

If you’re wondering where all of this came from, check out what David and King Saul did when they let their fear control them in the last few chapters of 1 Samuel.

Oh, and that fictitious story I mentioned above?  My young volunteer went down that path and – you guessed it – I covered her with Silly String!  What a mess!