We sing it with kids all the time.  “God is big.  God is big.  God is very, very, very, very BIG!”  Did you know it’s true?

Some of my Good News Club kids showed me a clay model of the earth that they made in school.  It was so cool!  First I thought, “Wow!  That’s so neat!  Why didn’t I get to make that in school?  I’m sure I would have learned more about the earth if I could have made a clay model like that!”  And then I thought, “Wow!  That was all God’s idea!  God made the earth that way.  And He made it just right for us to live on it.  And He put it in just the right place in space.  God is big!”

Then another one of my Good News Club kids showed me a wasp nest and a honeycomb from her yard.  First I wanted to touch it.  It felt like paper!  So cool!  And then I thought, “Wow!  Those bees and wasps know how to make those because God made them that way.  That was God’s idea.  God is big!”

And then still another child showed me a drawing that she had made.  It was so good.  This child definitely has artistic talent.  And I thought, “Wow!  God made that child that way with that talent.  For a purpose.  I don’t know what that purpose is yet, but it’s going to be so cool!  Because God is big.”

I love it when those young boys and girls remind me of how big my God is.  He is big.  Very, very, very, very BIG!