Buddy Bee is definitely buzzing around my town!

The Parables Christian Bookstore in my city ordered “Papa’s Plan for Buddy Bee” from their distributor to be sold in their store.  Thank you Parables!

I recently was invited to read my book to the first graders at a Christian school here in town.  It was so much fun!  I read the story and then we all brainstormed together ways that we can share the love of God with others right where we are today, like at basketball, dance class, at home and in our neighborhoods.  The kids had great ideas!  I was so glad to have enough time to sing a fun song with them, which they wanted to sing again before I left, and also to memorize a Bible verse from the story (with a game, of course!).  When I shared the gospel, several children responded.  The school now wants me to come back and do a chapel time!  Thank you to Lifegate Christian School for inviting me.  You have wonderful first graders!

“Papa’s Plan for Buddy Bee” is available as an e-book!  Now it is available at the Westbow Press Bookstore online, but soon it will be available from other vendors as well.

The Lifegate Church Bookstore is carrying my book and it is a “Pastor’s Pick” right now!  Thank you Lifegate Church!

This book is a story about a young bee that looks at his smart, athletic brother and popular sister and also at his crooked stinger and doesn’t think that he could ever do anything important.  Then he learns that his papa has a plan for him!  You have to see the illustrations.  Hannah Segura illustrated the book and she is amazing!  It’s a great book for kids of all ages.  Your kids will love it!

You can purchase your copy here on my blog or online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Westbow Press.

Buddy Bee is buzzing!