A red rose flower.

I love teaching my Good News Club.  Everything about it is so much fun.  Except for sending off our fifth graders.  Our club has kindergarten through fifth grade because the sixth graders go to another school for middle school.  The good thing is that I have a child in that middle school so I still get to see those kids sometimes!

We always send off our fifth graders at our final club for the year and this week as I prayed for these kids God showed me a picture for one of them specifically.  It’s so neat!  I won’t tell you who the child is or the specific application for her, but I will share this picture because there is something neat for all of us from this.

I saw a flower.  It had a tall green stem and lots of petals, like a pinkish red rose.  And it stood up nice and straight.  Then I noticed that it was standing in sand.  Lots of sand.  And it was light outside.  And God showed me that we are to remember who we are and stand tall just like that flower.  We are created by a God who loves us and knows us.  We are beautiful to Him and He is making us even more beautiful.

When I think of that sand I remember when my children were younger and we went to the park a lot.  We had several plastic forms to make sand castles in the sand at the park.  It was so much fun!  We built castles and made towns and roads between castles.  We even poured some of our water around the castles to make moats.  And we made sand bridges.  Then we would leave for the day.  Some days when we came back to the park our castles were still there, but some days when we came back our castles were gone.  Sometimes completely destroyed by rain pounding them down and sometimes squashed by little shoes.

So we need to remember who we are – people loved by the God who made us and knows us – no matter what happens around us.  We must always remember to look to God.  To talk to God.  To trust God.  And as we do that we will stand tall like that beautiful flower standing in the sand.

Then I saw more petals on the flower grow and open.  It was beautiful.  And you are beautiful as you look to God today.

Another neat thing about this is that our final lesson for this school year is about the Holy Spirit.  What a neat way to encourage these kids to listen to the Holy Spirit and to let these kids know how much God loves them.  Yep, you gotta love Good News Club.  And our awesome God!