Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful dad!  And also to my wonderful husband who is the wonderful dad to our kids!  And to all you dads out there!

I don’t really know what to say to dads.  I’m not a guy.  So I’ll just say that you all really make a difference in the lives of your kids.

I loved seeing my dad pray with my mom each morning before he left for work and then come home at the end of the day and hug her.  Then in the evenings he would sit in his chair and read his Bible.  And I remember going with him to Winchell’s for donuts.  My favorite is still their giant glazed twist donut!  And he even took me out for my first date when I turned 16.  Now my husband and I have been married for 24 years so I’ve watched my husband make memories with our three kids.  Memories all the way from goofy bedtime routines and fun family vacations to leading family devotions.  And I’m so glad that he was the one to run behind little bicycles and get in the car with teens who had never driven before!  We’ve made a good team together.

Maybe you haven’t had the best father.  Please know that our God is the only perfect Father and He knows you and cares about you.  Or maybe you haven’t felt like the best father.  Or the best child.  Remember David?  We learn in First Samuel that after God rejected Saul as King of Israel and sent Samuel in search of one of Jesse’s sons to take Saul’s place, David’s dad didn’t even call him to the dinner.  But David, rejected by his own dad, ended up being the next King of Israel and a man after God’s own heart.  There is hope today.  God loves you, just like He loved David.  I think one of the neatest things about this true story is just the fact that it’s there.  God could have simply told Samuel to go anoint David, but He didn’t.  He allowed us this glimpse into David’s life.  To find this boy alone with a bunch of sheep while his dad and brothers were eating dinner with the prophet Samuel.  God knows right where you are today.  And He has a plan for your future.

I think a good song for Father’s Day is the song, “Lead Me,” by Sanctus Real.  So here’s to all the dads out there.  Keep leading your family.  We appreciate you!