picture of a wrapped present

You know those tattoos that kids put on with water?  Little pictures on their faces, their arms and even their hands.  They last for days and days.  That’s what I want to happen with the lessons that I teach.  I want my lessons to be so effective that the kids will remember them and grow closer to God.  So I’m always up to something.  The other day was really fun!

I totally set up my Good News Club kids.  We were learning to be content with the things that we have because God has said, “Never will I leave you.”  (If that sounds familiar, it’s because it comes from Hebrews 13:5.)  We learned the Bible verse and I taught the lesson.  And then came the test.  I gave each child a small gift, each one the same.  And they were so excited!  You should have seen their happy faces, so eager to discover what was inside their small packages.  Then, after every child had their gift, I gave a different gift to a child in the middle of the room.  This gift was a giant box with a bow and ribbons.  And something happened to those happy faces and questions like, “Can I open it now?” and “What is it?”  The mood completely changed in the room.  Aha!  I got them!  What a perfect time to learn about being content!  To apply right away the things that we had just learned.  And to remember that God is always with us.  Even when life isn’t fair.  Even when someone else has something that we think is better.

It’s a lesson we will all remember.  I hadn’t thought about it at the time, but now that it’s November it is a good time to remember to be content because God will never leave us.  We should always be thankful for the things that we have and especially for our God who loves us so much and will never leave us.  That is the best gift ever!  Even in the times when I feel like I just have this very small, simple gift and someone else has that giant, beautiful gift, I can know for sure that God is with me and He will never leave me.  That’s really all I need.

So, are you wondering what the gifts were?  Tootsie Rolls.  Everyone received a Tootsie Roll.  And, in the end, they were quite content!