Have kids on your Christmas shopping list?  I have the perfect gift suggestion for every one of them.  My “Papa’s Plan for Buddy Bee” book!  (Shameless self-promotion.)

This book is the perfect tool for starting some spiritual conversations at home with your kids or to share with your nieces and nephews or grandkids.  And you can get it right here on my blog!

Wondering if your kids will like it?  This fall I was invited to speak at a Christian elementary school in my city and here is what some of those children said:

“We learned a lot about comparing.  We want to be what God made us to be.  We liked the book you wrote.”

“I like Buddy Bee.  You should make more books about him.”

“The book you wrote is awesome!  I think it taught everyone the same thing.  It taught me that even if you think you can’t do it, just try, try again.”

“I want to be what God made me.  I liked the book you wrote.  I learned not to compare myself to others, but to God.”

“I liked the book you read and wrote.  I’m glad that at the end of the book that Buddy learned that God loves him just the way he is.”

“We liked the book you read to us.  I thought Buddy was funny!”

I left out the very fun notes about the Bible verse that I taught them, which is in the book, and the song that we sang, but I have to share this one letter:

“Dear Mrs. Schulz, Thank you for coming to our chapel.  We  want you to come back.  We liked the book you read.  I love the song you taught us.  When I grow up I want to be like you.  You were a great inspiration.  Your friend, (a student).”

I’m looking forward to seeing those kids again soon!

And here is what Nebraska Life magazine wrote this summer:  “Buddy is unsure of himself and is particularly conscious of his crooked stinger.  But after his loving father teaches him to fly by reading from a special book, Buddy explores the world in the garden surrounding his hive.  He learns that despite his imperfections, he has gifts he can use to help those in need around him, and that his Papa has a plan for him.  Complementing this touching story of faith are the warm and colorful images of illustrator Hannah Segura” (July/August 2012, 94).

Happy Christmas shopping!