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I remember when my kids were little and often the only time I had in God’s Word was with them while reading their “Early Reader’s Bible.”  Those were good times, though.  Lately I’ve talked with several moms with young children who truly want to spend time alone with God and His Word, but just can’t.  I totally understand.  And I’m sure that God does, too.  God knows our hearts.  And He sees us with our children during the day as they climb on us, cry, do silly things that make us laugh, and then draw us pictures that make us smile.  And He sees us as we introduce them to Him and encourage them to know Him and love His Word as we sit together on their bed at night or on the couch in the morning and enjoy the true stories that mean so much to us.

When my children outgrew the “Early Reader’s Bible” I still wanted to read with them, which we did, but I also did something else.  Many days seemed very busy with school, homework, dance classes, soccer, flag football and playing with friends.  So at Christmas time I took a small index card or small paper and wrote a simple thought for the day and a question.  Then I left a new note on their bathroom counter each morning.  Okay, I didn’t always make my goal of every morning.  In fact, sometimes it was once a week.  Nevertheless, it was a fun way to keep our focus on Christ as we celebrated the coming of Christmas.

I probably should have saved those notes, but I didn’t.  Anyway, I think it would be fun to do that here.  So stop by throughout December for “December Devotions” as we remember the reason for the season.  I would love to hear your comments!

*Here’s a helpful note for parents with young kids.  I recently found a resource that I would use along with our Bible if my kids were little today.  It is “The Jesus Storybook Bible” written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and published by Zonderkidz.  I love the way that the author captures the meaning of each story in the way that she writes.