christmas lights

The angels proclaimed the good news of Jesus to the shepherds.  I can just imagine them getting ready in heaven.  Lining up.  Practicing their song to get it just right.  Thinking about how surprised the shepherds would be to see them.  Excitement probably grew as the time came nearer and nearer for them to go to the earth and tell about their awesome Jesus that they’d known and worshipped for so long.  Is it time yet?  Now?

Over 2,000 years later we’re still proclaiming the good news of Jesus.  Even people who don’t really know Him, which is really fun.  My neighborhood is full of Christmas lights.  Every store employee asks me if I’m ready for Christmas and some even share what they’re doing to prepare.  Christmas cards come in the mail from family and friends and I’m getting mine ready to go out soon.  And I can’t wait to bake Christmas cookies!  Yes.  Christmas joy is all around us.

There’s an old Sunday school song called “I’ve Got Joy” that we sing in Good News Club.  I love the words, “I’ve got joy down in my heart” and “Jesus gave it to me and no one can destroy it.”  Those of us who know Jesus have real joy this Christmas season because Jesus gave us real joy.  We have a happy heart no matter what happens – all year long.  We have joy.

So enjoy decorating your home, shopping for gifts, baking and writing those Christmas letters.  Just like those angels, we’ve got joy!