English: A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, m...

Mmmm… Peanut butter and jelly.  They go so good together.  I can’t imagine eating just a peanut butter sandwich.  That would stick to my mouth and I wouldn’t be able to talk.  And I wouldn’t want just a jelly sandwich.  That would be too sweet and my stomach would hurt.  No.  I only want peanut butter AND jelly.  Now that’s a perfect sandwich.

Christmas and Easter are like that.  They go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Jesus was born on Christmas, but He came to die on the cross and then come back to life on Easter.  Just like peanut butter and jelly, you can’t have one without the other.  They go together.  Because the reason Jesus came was to offer us forgiveness of our sin so that we could be saved.  Christmas and Easter go together to show us the amazing love that God has for us.

It’s like the Christmas tree leading to another tree, the cross.

I love the Christmas song “It’s About the Cross” by GoFish.  Here’s the chorus:

It’s about the cross.

It’s about my sin.

It’s about how Jesus came to be born once so that we could be born again.

It’s about the stone

That was rolled away

So that you and I could have real life some day.

It’s about the cross.

Call the kids and listen here.  Just like peanut butter and jelly, they’ll like the song, too!