Christmas ornamentMy Christmas tree is covered with wonderful ornaments.  Most of them homemade and some of them gifts or purchased from a store.  My favorites are the ornaments that my own children made when they were little.  The ornaments made with paper and markers, then cut out with jagged lines and hung up on a tree branch with yarn or a ribbon.  Those are the ones that put a smile on my face as I remember the days of my then-small children so eager to make the best decorations that they could make to decorate our tree.

Simple decorations.  But the best.

My Good News Club kids and I have been learning about Elisha lately.  One of the first things we learned was that God did a lot of miracles through Elisha.  We know that God still does miracles today so we started a “Miracle Jar” and a challenge to be on the lookout for answered prayers and miracles.

Jesus basically said in Matthew 17:20 that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, it is enough.  Have you seen a mustard seed?  It’s about the size of the dot at the end of this sentence.  It’s very small.  But that much faith is enough for God to do big things.  For God to answer prayer and do miracles.

As I have listened to the children bring back reports of answered prayers and miracles and pour tiny mustard seeds into our jar, I’ve been encouraged and excited.  As have the children.  As I think about it, I think it makes God smile to see our faith.  Maybe like the way that I smile when I see the simple ornaments that my own children made for our Christmas tree.

We don’t have to be perfect to please God.  When we trust Him and desire to please Him, I think we make Him smile.  Even with our little mustard seeds of faith and our jaggedly cut out Christmas ornaments.

the scribble

* These are ornaments that two of my children made when they were little.  🙂