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I really don’t enjoy waiting.  Does anyone?  But waiting can be a good thing.

This week I taught my Good News Club kids about something very important, but a bit difficult.  You see, the story was about David and Bathsheba.  How do you teach a group of five to eleven year old boys and girls about David and Bathsheba?  Purity and God’s plan for marriage are very important topics that these kids may never hear about except for being in this club, so I had to be very wise in how I presented this lesson.  I ended up spending a lot of time waiting.  Waiting on God to give me wisdom and direction.  And He did.

I was reminded again about the importance of waiting even during that very club.  The children are so excited to come to club and so many of them have things to tell me as soon as I greet them at the door.  And this week many of them wanted to tell me the Bible verse that they memorized.  I gave them a new Bible verse memory challenge last time and was excited to see so many children memorize their verse.  So when one child came and told me he had to tell me something, I was expecting the usual “Look at what I made in school today!” or “I memorized the Bible verse!”  But it wasn’t.  I kept looking at him, waiting to hear what he had to tell me.  He started and stopped.  Started and stopped again.  And I thought about the kids waiting for me to begin club.  He kept looking at me.  Then, the news.  His pet had died.  It was so sad.  And I remembered about how I had learned that week about the importance of waiting.  What if I had not waited on God for direction for this lesson?  What if I had not waited for this child to tell me about the loss of his special pet friend?

Waiting.  We were never meant to do ministry without God.  It’s important to read God’s Word and talk to Him, and also to spend time just waiting to hear His voice.  Waiting is a good thing.  James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him,” (NIV).  I am very thankful for a God who gives us wisdom when we wait on Him.


NOTE:  I wrote this post several months ago and titled it “Waiting” and never added a picture or posted it.  So it’s been waiting here for me to publish it until I just saw it now.  Waiting.  Yep.