So the other day I saw a spider and wrote about that.  Today I saw a worm, so why not write about that?

The worm was on my driveway.  I’m sure that just the other day that worm was probably joyfully exploring the dirt under our grass and discovering exciting things that worms like to discover, but today it was not.  I don’t know what happened, but I found it dried up in the sunshine and kind of curled up on my driveway.  Not really a good thing for a worm.

So what does that worm have to do with anything?  Well, you know, it’s easy to get busy and leave out time for God and His Word.  Or to let all those things that we worry about kind of take over our thoughts and time.  But when we do that, we can become just like that dried up worm on my driveway.  God made us to know Him and have a relationship with Him so it’s important to spend time with Him.  It may sound strange, but when we do spend time with Him even when we know we have a million things to do, somehow we have time for everything.  And when we give our worries to Him, He takes care of us.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be like that dried up worm.  I want to be like the joyful worm exploring and discovering the world of whatever worms explore.  Maybe even books!  Like a bookworm!  Haha, the Bible is a book!  We could explore God’s Word, the Bible, and spend time talking with God and also with other believers and then we’ll stay joyful as we discover more amazing things about our God every day.  Even when we’re busy, or worried, or starting to feel like a lonely worm laying in the hot sun on my driveway.

Okay, are you thinking too much about worms now?  Maybe this will help.  Here’s a song for you by Downhere.  It’s “Let Me Rediscover You.”  I didn’t see any worms in this video.  I did see dirt, but no worms.