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It’s always neat to hear the story of the wise men at Christmas time.

The wise men saw a special star shining brightly in the sky the night that Jesus was born.  They knew it meant something important, but they didn’t know what.  Until they did some research.  As they studied they learned that the star marked the coming of a new King.  When they realized how special this new King was, that He was the one that God had promised to send to show everyone in the world how much God loves them, they wanted to go see Him.  They were willing to do whatever it took to find that baby that was born to be King.  They packed up their things and followed the star for months.  And months.  And months.  They kept following that star in the sky.  Until finally the star was above them and they noticed that the star was above a house in Bethlehem.  They probably knocked on the door and Joseph and Mary welcomed them in to see Jesus, who was now about two years old.  They gave Jesus, the King, their gifts that they had brought and they worshipped Him.

It’s a familiar story.  A true story.  And a lot to think about.

The wise men were going about their normal life and not necessarily doing things that pleased God, but God drew them to Himself in a way that God knew they would notice – by a star.  A bright shining star in the sky.  Did you know that God made you and loves you?  No matter what you have done, He wants you to come to know Him.  And if you do know God, are you shining the love of God in your world?  Do you live in a way that leads other people to Him?  Do you know that even if you are not, God still loves you?

The wise men studied and spent time discovering what that star in the sky meant and who the King could be.  Do you know who this King is?  If not, are you willing to find out?  And if you do know, how much time do you spend getting to know Him? God knows everything about you and what is going on in your life.  In fact, He knows you so well and cares about you so much that He even knows how many hairs are – or are not – on your head.

When the wise men realized how important this King was, they wanted to see Him and worship Him and they were willing to do whatever it took to find Him, even traveling for about two years unsure of exactly where that star would lead them.  Do you have a desire to worship God?  I tell my kids that I teach that worship is what you think, say or do that shows God you love Him.  Do you think, say or do things that show God you love Him?  And are you willing to follow Him, even when you’re not exactly sure where you might go?

Knowing that the baby they were looking for was born to be the King, they brought Him gifts for a King, not just ordinary baby gifts.  If you know who this King is, what kind of gifts do you give Him?

When they were ready to begin their journey back home, they remembered that they had been told to go back and tell King Herod where the baby was, but God warned them not to go back to King Herod.  They obeyed God and did not tell him.  Do you choose to obey God?

What if those wise men saw the star that night and said, “Oh!  What a neat star!” and that was all.  What if they missed discovering what that star was all about?  What if they missed seeing and worshipping the King?  There would be a whole part of the Christmas story that no one would tell.

But they did see the star and they did discover who Jesus is and they did worship Him.  And that is what God wants for each one of us.

We may not see a bright shining star in the sky, but we do see the Christmas reminders all around us.  So, don’t miss Christmas.  Don’t miss discovering what Christmas is all about.  God promised to send the Savior to save people from their sin because it is our sin that keeps us separated from God – the God who made us and loves us so much, who doesn’t want us to be separated from Him.  So at just the right time, Jesus, the Son of God, left Heaven and came here to be born as a human baby and live on the earth just like us, but He never sinned.  When He was a man He died on the cross and then came back to life again after three days and now He is living as King in Heaven.  Jesus is the Savior that God promised.  The little baby that was born on Christmas to show everyone one in the world that God loves them.  And God loves you.  You can make the choice to tell God that you have sinned and believe in what Jesus did for you when He died for your sin and then came back to life again, proving that He is the Son of God and the only one who can forgive sin.  Jesus was born to die so that you could have life today and forever.

God knows you and loves you and wants to draw you to Himself just like He did with the wise men.  He wants you to know Him.  To follow Him every day.  To worship Him.  To obey Him.  And when you do, you will have a story to tell.  Just like the wise men!