fishing boat picHave you ever gone fishing?  How many fish did you catch?

I recently got to share Peter’s fish story with two different groups of kids and I wonder how it compares to your fish story.

Peter grew up learning how to fish from his dad.  He got to ride in the boat and learn how to put the nets into the water in the Sea of Galilee.  He learned the right place and the right time to catch fish.  And by the time he grew up he was a very good fisherman.

So one day while he was cleaning his nets someone stepped into his boat.  It was Jesus!  Jesus was there teaching people.  Only there were so many people that Jesus didn’t have a lot of space to teach from.  So He got into Peter’s boat and invited Peter take him out into the water a little ways to teach.

When Jesus was done teaching, the people left.  But not Jesus.  Jesus stayed in Peter’s boat and told Peter to do something that didn’t make any sense.  Jesus told Peter to go out to the deep water, put down his nets and then he would catch fish.  Would Peter do what Jesus said?  Peter had just been out that night – the time when you catch fish in the Sea of Galilee – and in the shallow water – the place where you catch fish – and not caught anything.  Besides that, his fishermen friends were right there.  What if they laughed at him?  What if they made fun of him for doing what Jesus said?  And why would Jesus want him to do that anyway?  It didn’t make any sense.

You have to like Peter.  He knew it was more important to do what Jesus said than to worry about why or what his friends would think.  So he did what Jesus told him to do.  He took that boat out to the deep water, let down his nets and waited.  And waited.  What would happen?

I’ll tell you what happened.  Peter caught so many fish that his nets began to break and he ended up filling his boat and his friends’ boat with fish!  Only God could have done that!  And everyone there was amazed by how many fish they caught.

There’s a lot in this story, but today I’m enjoying the reminder of how amazing our God is.  Everyone there that day knew it.  How about you?

Okay, so maybe you haven’t caught two boatloads of fish during your fishing trips, but I’m sure you’ve seen God do amazing things.

And what if you didn’t worry about what other people think about you – only God?  What if you didn’t worry about why God says what He says and just obeyed Him?  Or what if you just took time to notice the amazing things that God has done and is doing right now?

You may not have an amazing story about fishing to tell, but I bet you have an amazing story about God to tell.  Or maybe you’re like Peter in that boat before the miracle.  You’re obeying God and you feel like you’re sitting in that boat waiting to see what will happen next, wondering what God is doing and hoping that it will be good.  In time I think those nets will be full of fish, everyone around you will be amazed by what God has done and you will have an amazing story to tell!

Like Peter’s amazing fish story.