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Baby Shower Fun!

In my recent post about the “Lovely Blog Award” I mentioned that I like to plan parties and had just hosted a baby shower and would post some pictures from that.  So here they are!

We had so much fun celebrating being girls as we blessed our special mom-to-be friend.

Each guest was invited to bring a picture of themselves when they were little.  As they came in that day, they clipped their picture to our special boards.  Then I brought the two boards to the middle of the room and we all wrote down on paper our guesses of which guest was each picture.  What a fun time!  Our mom-to-be actually guessed the most correctly!  Here is a picture of the boards:



You should have seen these boards with all of the very sweet pictures attached to the ribbons with little clothespins!  What a fun game!

I awarded the winner of the game a prize and then honored the mom-to-be’s grandmas that were there.  Our relationships with our grandparents are so special and I know that they have made a difference in her life, so they deserved to be recognized and honored with a prize, too.

Then on to the “just-for-fun” prizes.  The lady with the youngest child, the girl with the birthday closest to the baby’s due date, and the friend with the most children were among those who received prizes.  Here are the gifts they chose from:


Then it was time to remember that children are a gift from God so we wanted to honor God as well.  I shared some thoughts about the Proverbs 31 woman and being a mom, which was very fun.


And thinking about children, our little girl guests made very fun pictures with their clipboards of paper, stickers and crayons.



Then we took a short break, enjoyed some snacks and fellowship (Actually, we did that throughout the afternoon!) and came back to see all of the wonderful baby gifts.

Here are the treats that we enjoyed:






sugar cookies



 chocolate mousse

 (The mom-to-be had a fun idea:  a little moose sticker on the chocolate mousse tag.  And I actually had one!)








veggies & dip





mixed fruit





crackers & cheese (cut with a cookie cutter)



mini cupcakes





pink jelly beans


pink punch

Just to be sure that each friend knew how special and appreciated they are,

they received a special gift as we said “thank you” and “good bye” for the afternoon.




Mother’s Day is this weekend so Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mom and all of you moms out there!

A few years ago (Actually, it’s been seven years already!) my sister-in-law was expecting her first baby and I got to give her a baby shower.  I gave a short devotion and then, just for fun, shared this top 10 list that I wrote for that day.  Enjoy!

Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Great to be a Mom

10.  Colorful plastic furniture is so cool!

9.  You always wondered how many days you could go without sleeping.  Now you know.

8.  No one wants to go shopping alone.  Now you have a helper everywhere you go!

7.  It’s nice to have someone to talk to you…constantly.

6.  We love to read.  Now we get to read lots of books – books like “Goodnight Moon” over and over and over.

5.  Dandelions look so pretty in a vase on the kitchen table.

4.  Everyone loves a challenge.  Can you feed a baby, make a toddler’s owie all better, keep another child from climbing the bookshelf, read to a preschooler, answer questions like “Mommy, do worms have tongues?” and “Mom, can I have a MySpace?” and cook dinner – all at the same time?

3.  Life would be way too boring without neighbor kids and friends playing and hanging out in your home all the time.

2.  There is nothing like watching your child decide that they want Jesus to be their best friend and they ask Jesus to come and live in their heart.

1.  You get to watch your child grow and rock this world with the love of Jesus that they know because of you.

-Lori 🙂