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Just Like Daddy

SCAN0896I came across one of the cutest pictures.  You can see it here.  It’s a picture of my brother wearing Daddy’s shoes before I was born.  It reminds me of the pictures that I have of my own kids stepping into my shoes or my husband’s shoes and trying to walk around.  Trying to be like Mommy or Daddy.

One of my husband’s parents’ favorite stories to tell over and over is about the day that one of my sons visited them and very proudly showed them the belt that he was wearing.  It was just like Daddy’s belt and he wanted everyone to see that he was like his Daddy.

I’m sure you can think about times when kids that you know have done the same thing.  They’ve tried to imitate their Daddy.  Which makes me wonder.  Do we still want to be like Daddy?  Not our earthly Daddy, but our Heavenly Father.  Do we want to imitate Him?

Ephesians 5:1 says, “Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children,” (NASB).  That verse makes me think of this picture of my brother, a child loved by his parents and desiring to imitate his Daddy by walking in his shoes.  What if we still did that today?  Or maybe the better question is, How can we still do that today?  Verse 2 says to “walk in love,” verses 8-10 say, “…walk as children of light (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness and righteousness and truth), trying to learn what is pleasing to the Lord.”  There is a lot more in this chapter of Ephesians about how to walk and how not to walk, but I like these verses because they remind me of my children walking in shoes that – even thought they were too big for them – they were so happy to try.  Maybe imitating God feels like we’re walking in shoes that are too big for us, but we are called to try anyway.  And the best thing is, we don’t have to do it on our own.  God is right here with us all the time.

So how are you doing at imitating your Daddy today?  I think our Heavenly Father looks on us with delight when we do, in the same way that we delight in our kids when they try to imitate us.  We’re so pleased that we take pictures and save them for years.  God doesn’t need to take pictures, but I’m sure He is pleased when He sees His beloved children walking in His ways and imitating their Daddy.


Literally Speaking

SCAN0736This cartoon from the newspaper is a fun reminder that younger kids are literal thinkers – a good thing to remember when we teach them!

This also made me laugh.  One of the teens that was teaching kids in my backyard this summer said that Jesus was reigning in Heaven, which is true, but as soon as he said that I imagined lots of little children trying to picture in their minds how Jesus was “raining.”  Then one child shouted out, “Raining?!”  It was so cute!  And a good reminder to think about how children understand our words.

Leaving a Mark


Last week I hosted a vacation Bible school in my backyard called a “5-Day Club,” which is a ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship.  Many children came each day during the week and it was a lot of fun to chat with them and their moms.  However, each day the children left their mark in the way of animal cookie crumbs on the patio, donuts under the swings or purple, red and orange popsicle juice on the pool deck.

If you haven’t heard of Child Evangelism Fellowship before, they are an international ministry that shares the Gospel with kids.  The 5-Day Clubs are taught by teenagers during the summer after the teens are trained.  It’s really a fun time!

So last week I invited my friends and neighbors to come to my backyard for the 5-Day Club and, except for snack clean-up, it was a neat time.  Each morning the teenagers came and played games with the kids, sang fun songs, taught Bible lessons and shared the Gospel.  At the end of the week I invited the teens and their siblings to swim in our pool.  After they left I found two little handprints on the lower portion of the mirror in our exercise room where the kids had changed for our pool party.  Yes, the teens’ siblings left their mark just like the children had during the week.

But the teenagers left their mark, too.  The children went home each day with songs about Jesus singing in their heads, many of them memorized Bible verses that God can use in their lives and one of them even decided to trust Jesus as their Savior.  Now that’s the kind of mark that I want to leave.

We all leave our mark everywhere we go and in everything we do.  God’s desire for each one of us is to choose a relationship with Him and then to do good things that He has already planned for us to do.  That is what the teens did here last week.  Okay, so I know we can’t all spend our summers teaching children about Jesus, but that’s okay because God has a plan for each one of us.  Ephesians 2:10 is one of my favorite Bible verses, “God made us.  He created us to belong to Christ Jesus.  Now we can do good things.  Long ago God prepared them for us to do,” (NIrV).

So what mark will you choose to leave?  Will it be simply leaving cookie crumbs behind for other people to clean up or will it be choosing to belong to Jesus and following His plan for your life?  If you’re stopping by my backyard, I’d prefer not to find any more melted donuts under the swings.  Oh, and if you need some inspiration in encouraging your kids in leaving their mark, you can read my “Papa’s Plan for Buddy Bee” book with them!

Let’s make our mark for Jesus today!

You Could Be A Hero!

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 2.11.09 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 2.10.38 PMDid you know that you could be someone’s hero and you don’t even know it?

Recently I found out that two of my Good News Club children wrote about me for their hero assignment in school.  If you’re a Bible teacher, than you understand how fun this is.  We don’t teach in order to get things like recognition, money or our pictures on Wheaties boxes.  In fact, it costs money to lead a Good News Club and to do many things in ministry and often in ministry no one says, “Thank you.”  It doesn’t matter though, because we teach because we feel called by God.  And we get to teach from God’s Word.  What could be more exciting than that?  However, when parents and children let us know that what we are doing is making a difference in the lives of those that we teach, that is such a blessing!

So this winter I was excited to find out that two of my kids in club wrote about me for their hero assignment at school.  They had to draw a picture of their hero and put that on the cover of a Wheaties box of cereal and then put their story on the back of the cereal box.  I’ve never had my picture on a Wheaties box before and now it is on two!  (Haha.  Don’t go looking for them in your store.  They’re not real Wheaties boxes.)  The really neat thing about this is not that they wrote about me, but that these boxes were displayed in the school where people could find out about Good News Club and our amazing God.  Now that is very cool!

So are you wondering what makes a hero to children?  Want to know what is important in children’s ministry?  Here are some of the things that they wrote:

“Mrs. Lori has a kind heart.  When we come into Good News Club we get a tasty snack.  When we are stuck on something or don’t know what the answer is she will help us.  After Good News Club is over Mrs. Lori lets us pick from a million books.  And she is kinder than my brother and sister and trust me they are kind.”

“We do athletic stuff like parachute and Duck, Duck, Goose.  If you searched up most athletic person there would be a picture of Mrs. Lori on there.”

“She knows everyone’s name every day.”

“She is smarter than Albert Einstein.  She knows every word in the book that we read.  Mrs. Lori knows what to say when she is up to talk.  If she wasn’t smart we would be dumb when it comes to God.”  (My note:  That book that we read is the Bible.  Both of the children drew it on their Wheaties boxes!)

“Mrs. Lori is friendly.  She is always fair and doesn’t leave anybody out.  When hurt she will always help you.”

“She helps kids when they don’t know what to do.”

“She’s nice to the other people on the Good News Club Team.”

“She’s intelligent.  She knows every word in the stories.  She can say every kid’s name and tell every kid about God.”

“She always puts God first.”

I think it’s fun to see what is important to the children that we minister to.  It seems that things like knowing their names, being kind and friendly, knowing the Bible lessons well, playing fun games and having tasty snacks are important to these kids.  With God’s help, I can keep doing that.

I’m still amazed that God has called me to be a part of teaching children and leading them to know Him.  What a fun task!  And who knows?  You may be a hero today and you don’t even know it.

The thing that I’m really excited about is that what these kids really see in me is Jesus, and He is the real hero!

Easter is Coming!

Easter is a great time to celebrate the good news of Jesus and here’s a video that explains what it’s all about!

Sandy Valentine

sandheart1Have you ever played in the sand?  I have.  And it’s so much fun!

Sand is everywhere.  Our sandbox.  Our neighborhood park.  The beach, the oceans and deserts.

One of our favorite things to do when my kids were young was going to the park and playing in the sand.  As they grew older we could make the most amazing sand castle villages.  They were amazing!  When we were ready to go back home, we emptied our shoes and tried to brush off all those tiny little grains of sand.  And we never could get them all off.  We always seemed to bring home lots of those little grains of sand.

Have you ever tried to count those grains of sand?  How many could there be in one sandbox?  One playground?  One child’s shoe or even just stuck to one foot?  A lot!  Way more than I could ever count!  There was a man in the Bible who also knew that there is a lot of sand out there.  That man was David.  He wrote this in Psalm 139:17-18, “How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!  How vast is the sum of them!  Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand.  When I awake, I am still with you” (NIV).

David knew that God was thinking about him even more times than the number of grains of sand on this whole earth.  Now that’s a lot of times!  Do you know what that means?  That means that God is thinking about each one of us all the time!  I like that because that means that God cares about us and He loves us.

I get to go speak to some elementary school children soon and when I asked God what He wanted me to tell them He said, “Tell them I love them.”  So I’m going to bring my sand and let them know how much God loves them.  Who knows?  Maybe they’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with sand this year!

And the next time you see sand, remember – God is thinking about YOU!

Watching the Charlie Brown Christmas program on TV has become a Christmas tradition for our family.  It’s such a fun show!  One of my favorite parts is when Charlie Brown asks if anyone knows what Christmas is all about.  You gotta like the answer that Linus gives.

So what if your friend asked you what Christmas is all about.  Would you know?  Linus did.

You can learn even more about why we have Christmas in my post, “December Devotions:  Like Peanut Butter & Jelly.”

Merry Christmas!

Christmas ornamentMy Christmas tree is covered with wonderful ornaments.  Most of them homemade and some of them gifts or purchased from a store.  My favorites are the ornaments that my own children made when they were little.  The ornaments made with paper and markers, then cut out with jagged lines and hung up on a tree branch with yarn or a ribbon.  Those are the ones that put a smile on my face as I remember the days of my then-small children so eager to make the best decorations that they could make to decorate our tree.

Simple decorations.  But the best.

My Good News Club kids and I have been learning about Elisha lately.  One of the first things we learned was that God did a lot of miracles through Elisha.  We know that God still does miracles today so we started a “Miracle Jar” and a challenge to be on the lookout for answered prayers and miracles.

Jesus basically said in Matthew 17:20 that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, it is enough.  Have you seen a mustard seed?  It’s about the size of the dot at the end of this sentence.  It’s very small.  But that much faith is enough for God to do big things.  For God to answer prayer and do miracles.

As I have listened to the children bring back reports of answered prayers and miracles and pour tiny mustard seeds into our jar, I’ve been encouraged and excited.  As have the children.  As I think about it, I think it makes God smile to see our faith.  Maybe like the way that I smile when I see the simple ornaments that my own children made for our Christmas tree.

We don’t have to be perfect to please God.  When we trust Him and desire to please Him, I think we make Him smile.  Even with our little mustard seeds of faith and our jaggedly cut out Christmas ornaments.

the scribble

* These are ornaments that two of my children made when they were little.  🙂

Buddy Bee Surprise!

Buddy BeeBuddy Bee is still flying around and creating a buzz!  Recently he showed up in my city’s newspaper.  What a surprise that was!  I was reading an article about a few books by local authors and there was MY book, “Papa’s Plan for Buddy Bee.”  They even included a picture of the cover.

Here’s what they wrote, “‘Papa’s Plan for Buddy Bee’ by Lori Schulz, illustrated by Hannah Segura.  A bee dad gives his son a secret and a mission in this children’s book, by Schulz, who lives in Omaha and is a graduate of Grace University.  ($13.95, ages 7-10),” (Omaha World-Herald, November 25, 2012).

Thank you to the Omaha World-Herald!

December Devotions

Christmas tree icon

I remember when my kids were little and often the only time I had in God’s Word was with them while reading their “Early Reader’s Bible.”  Those were good times, though.  Lately I’ve talked with several moms with young children who truly want to spend time alone with God and His Word, but just can’t.  I totally understand.  And I’m sure that God does, too.  God knows our hearts.  And He sees us with our children during the day as they climb on us, cry, do silly things that make us laugh, and then draw us pictures that make us smile.  And He sees us as we introduce them to Him and encourage them to know Him and love His Word as we sit together on their bed at night or on the couch in the morning and enjoy the true stories that mean so much to us.

When my children outgrew the “Early Reader’s Bible” I still wanted to read with them, which we did, but I also did something else.  Many days seemed very busy with school, homework, dance classes, soccer, flag football and playing with friends.  So at Christmas time I took a small index card or small paper and wrote a simple thought for the day and a question.  Then I left a new note on their bathroom counter each morning.  Okay, I didn’t always make my goal of every morning.  In fact, sometimes it was once a week.  Nevertheless, it was a fun way to keep our focus on Christ as we celebrated the coming of Christmas.

I probably should have saved those notes, but I didn’t.  Anyway, I think it would be fun to do that here.  So stop by throughout December for “December Devotions” as we remember the reason for the season.  I would love to hear your comments!

*Here’s a helpful note for parents with young kids.  I recently found a resource that I would use along with our Bible if my kids were little today.  It is “The Jesus Storybook Bible” written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and published by Zonderkidz.  I love the way that the author captures the meaning of each story in the way that she writes.