IMG_4286Okay.  I admit it.  These are my favorite shoes.  I’ve worn them all through the fall, winter and now the spring.  And last year I wore the same shoes, but a different pair.  They were so comfortable that when they started to wear out I went to the store hoping that they would still have them.  And they did!  What a happy day!

And now this new pair looks worn out, but they are sooo comfortable.  I will say that I have nice shoes when I need to look nice, but these shoes are my favorite and even though they’re getting kind-of embarrassing to wear, I still wear them because, well, you know, they’re comfortable.

Which makes me think, what else am I getting comfortable with?  I know I should get rid of these shoes for good, but they’re so comfy.  And after all, they’re just shoes.  But are there things in my life that maybe I’ve gotten too comfortable with – like with this pair of shoes?  Are there things in your life?

It’s a good question to think about.  It’s nice to be comfy, but what if God is calling you to give up something like a bad attitude or to do something new that may not be so comfortable?

A lot of the things that I’ve done have not been so comfortable.  Like when I agreed to lead worship for children and I showed up to find 350 children gathered in front of me and a microphone.  That turned out to be one of the most fun things I’ve done.  Definitely not comfortable, but fun.  And I think that’s the point.  When we’re not comfortable, we have to count on God to work through us.  We have to remember every moment that God promised to never leave us and that He will help us.  And we learn to trust the Holy Spirit to comfort us and give us courage.  And that is the best thing about serving God.  Watching what He does through us when we are definitely not comfortable, but willing to serve Him and do our best.

So as the weather warms up here, it’s about time to get rid of my comfortable shoes that I have enjoyed wearing for so many months.  Why is that so hard to do?  I will say, though, that I’m looking forward to wearing sandals and flip flops.  Shoes that are cute AND comfortable.  I am so ready for that!