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What’s That Sound?

imagesFootball games are so much fun!  The people, the snacks, the sounds and the game.

After attending several home football games this fall I’ve become familiar with the same sounds that the band plays at each game.  At the last game, though, I heard different sounds.  And I wondered, “What’s that sound?”  I looked around the stadium.  And then I knew.  A different band was playing.  The visiting team had brought their band with them and they were playing very loudly on the other side of the field.  So loudly, in fact, that it was difficult to hear those familiar tunes from our own home team band.  A fan near me shouted out to that visiting band, “Are you trying to play louder than our band?!”  I quietly agreed with him.  I had thought the same thing, but I’m not one for shouting.  I struggled to listen to our home band play as I tried not to hear that other band.  After all, the other band was playing music that I didn’t know and this was our field.  Our own band should be heard loud and clear.

Then I thought about how we so often hear things that contradict what we know so well.  Those sounds can be so loud.  And I’m sure people mean well, just like that visiting band.  But meaning well and being loud doesn’t make something right or true.  Things that contradict the Bible or just what is true, like people’s own idea of how the world came to be or people’s own definition of marriage and so many other ideas today, are just sounds.  We hear a lot of sounds out there so it’s important to know what is true and to spend time reading the Bible so that it will be familiar to us, like the band’s music at a home football game.

So, next time I’m hoping that the visiting team doesn’t bring their band with them.  Sorry visiting team.  I just want to hear those familiar sounds of my hometown team’s band.




A Led Traffic lights

Remember when you were little and you learned to stop, look and listen before you crossed the street?  The other day while I was driving I saw something unusual.  The stoplight had one of those countdowns for people walking across the street, but this countdown was malfunctioning.  I’ve been by this light hundreds of times and normally I see numbers like 15 or 7.  This time it started the countdown at 99.  Imagine if you were counting on that countdown to be right.  You began walking across the street expecting to have 99 seconds to cross.  Lots of time.  No worries.  But when you reached the middle of the street the cars began to come.  Because you really didn’t have 99 seconds.  The sign was wrong.

That made me wonder about all the things in the world that we are told, but are wrong.

A while back science told us that the earth was the center of the universe.  But that was wrong.  What is science telling us now that is wrong?  Perhaps we really did come from a God who lovingly created us and not from random slime or whatever it is they’re saying now.

A few weeks ago our president said that only marriage between a man and a woman was wrong.  I have to wonder, in my marriage, which one of us is not important?  We’ve now raised a son and a daughter and we definitely needed the differences that a man and a woman possess to raise both a boy and a girl.

Many people say that there are many ways to heaven.  Could they be wrong?  Jesus told us that He is the only way to heaven.  I’m thinking He knows since He lives in heaven.

Sometimes it’s no big deal to be wrong.  I could believe that my son’s favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate and bring that home from the store for him and then find out that really his favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip.  I would have been wrong, but he would still enjoy ice cream, just not his most favorite flavor.  There are some things, though, that we just don’t want to get wrong.  It’s dangerous to be caught in the middle of a traffic-filled street because the traffic light we counted on to be right was wrong.

We still need to stop, look and listen.  And then make wise choices, just like we learned when we were little.  And remember that God’s Word is true and nothing can make it not true.

A long time ago David wrote, “Guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in You all day long,” (Psalm 25:5 NIV).