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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a great day to remember that Jesus loves you!  Enjoy this song from Stellar Kart.

Just for fun, here is another video of Stellar Kart’s song, “Jesus Loves You.”  I don’t know who took this video, but I was there with my family!

Remember, regardless of whether you receive a valentine from someone or not today, God is thinking about you today and He loves you, which really is what matters the most.  Think about that.  We only spend a lot of time thinking about things that we care about.  And God, the God who created the whole world, is thinking about you – all the time!  Check out Psalm 139:17-18 and my post “Sandy Valentine” from the other day.  And know that Jesus loves you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


December Devotions: Got Joy?

christmas lights

The angels proclaimed the good news of Jesus to the shepherds.  I can just imagine them getting ready in heaven.  Lining up.  Practicing their song to get it just right.  Thinking about how surprised the shepherds would be to see them.  Excitement probably grew as the time came nearer and nearer for them to go to the earth and tell about their awesome Jesus that they’d known and worshipped for so long.  Is it time yet?  Now?

Over 2,000 years later we’re still proclaiming the good news of Jesus.  Even people who don’t really know Him, which is really fun.  My neighborhood is full of Christmas lights.  Every store employee asks me if I’m ready for Christmas and some even share what they’re doing to prepare.  Christmas cards come in the mail from family and friends and I’m getting mine ready to go out soon.  And I can’t wait to bake Christmas cookies!  Yes.  Christmas joy is all around us.

There’s an old Sunday school song called “I’ve Got Joy” that we sing in Good News Club.  I love the words, “I’ve got joy down in my heart” and “Jesus gave it to me and no one can destroy it.”  Those of us who know Jesus have real joy this Christmas season because Jesus gave us real joy.  We have a happy heart no matter what happens – all year long.  We have joy.

So enjoy decorating your home, shopping for gifts, baking and writing those Christmas letters.  Just like those angels, we’ve got joy!

A Blessing in Disguise

I just heard on the radio that they are having a contest right now about sharing a blessing in disguise.  As soon as I heard that I thought of my kids.  My youngest actually.  The way that we finally got him has definitely been a blessing in disguise.

My husband and I had our first two children right when we wanted them.  Then we were ready for our third.  Just as before I got pregnant right away.  We were so excited and I couldn’t wait to have a little baby in our home again.  Then things began to happen that hadn’t happened before with the other two pregnancies.  I went to the doctor and they said that I was still pregnant and to just lay low for the weekend and come back in a few days.

Then a storm came through our city.  As I drove back to the doctor’s office I knew I couldn’t be pregnant anymore.  This was just not normal for me.  Because of the storm I had to drive alone past downed trees all the way.  That didn’t help the sadness.  But then a song played on my car radio that God used to speak to me.  He reminded me that He was there.  God is definitely close to the brokenhearted.

Over time we kept trying to get pregnant and God spoke to my heart that the longer it took, the longer I could be a mom.  I loved being a mom.  We did finally have our third child and now I am realizing what God meant by that – that I could be a mom longer.

Now my husband and I are about to send off our two oldest children.  Our oldest daughter left for college a few years ago and she is getting married this summer.  Our next child, our son, is graduating from high school soon and will leave for college at the end of the summer.  (Someone pass the tissues, please!)  As our children have grown, my relationship with them has changed and it is so nice to become more of a friend and not so much a mom anymore.  They are wonderful young adults now and definitely ready to go.

But I still get to be a mom.  Our youngest is in middle school.  Can you imagine if he were in high school right now?  Those years go by so quickly.  God knows our future.  He knew that it would be good for me to wait for that child and He gave him to us at just the right time.  God’s time is always the best.

So that is my blessing in disguise right now.  A very difficult time, but I grew so close to God through it and I still get to be a mom for a few more years.  Thanks, God!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose,” (Romans 8:28 NIV).

btw, check out the picture of the little boy at the end of this attached video handing his mom a dandelion.  Now I need those tissues again! 🙂