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IMG_0631It sounded like a good idea at the time.

My Children’s Ministry Magazine had an idea to “egg” your neighbors’ homes with the story of Easter.  It seemed so simple and fun.  Copy the Bible verses, cut them, put them and candy into 12 plastic Easter eggs, leaving one egg empty because Jesus is alive – not dead in the tomb anymore.  Then secretly hide them in their yards and leave a note on their door so they know they’ve been egged.  What a fun way to share Easter with your neighbors!

I decided it would be fun to “egg” the children that I teach in my Good News Club.  My son and I went to the store for eggs and candy.  We printed and cut the Bible verses and door notes, filled the eggs, and prepared many sacks of 12 eggs along with addresses and directions to each child’s home.  Then in the morning while the children were at school, we went out and hid eggs.  A lot of eggs.  Do you have any idea how many children are in my Good News Club?  There are a lot!  But my son and I kept going.  And going.  Hiding eggs.  Driving.  Looking for another home.  Hiding more eggs.  Staying away from barking dogs wondering what we’re up to.  Wondering why in the world we thought this was a good idea.  And hiding more eggs.  Finally we were done.

I decided to stop at the grocery store to get something easy for dinner from the meat counter.  The people there are so friendly.  The man behind the counter asked us if we were doing anything fun that day.  My son and I looked at each other and said, “No.  We’re NOT doing anything fun.”  And we laughed.  The man probably wondered what we had been doing that day to get such a reaction.

But we all have days like that, don’t we.  When we’re in the middle of something that is difficult.  Or something that is not what we thought we signed up for.  Maybe it’s a class in school that we’re trying so hard to earn an A in.  Or maybe it’s spending way too many hours at work.  Or maybe it’s taking care of a newborn that we love, but isn’t able to show us any appreciation while they cry and keep us up all night – no smile or anything.  Or maybe it’s feeling alone while taking care of a loved one.  Or volunteering in ministry and wondering if what we’re doing is worth our time and effort.  Or “egging” several children’s homes.  It can seem like no one understands, no one appreciates our hard work and it just doesn’t matter.

But it does matter.  Especially when that difficult class is over and you earned that A.  When you reach your career or financial goal.  When that baby finally smiles at you.  When you’re loved one holds your hand.  When someone in your ministry says, “thank you” and when a child leaves an egg on your front porch.

Yes, that’s what happened.  I was “egged.”  The next morning I found an egg on my front porch.  Inside was a note written by a child that said, “Mrs. Lori, Thank you for teaching me all about God and Jesus.”

You know what?  That “egging” trip was fun!  Filling the eggs, finding the houses, staying away from barking dogs.  It was all worth it.


Roller Coaster Faith

English: The Kraken roller coaster ride at Sea...

This summer my family and I spent some time at an amusement park.  As I waited in line for the roller coasters I watched each group of people get into their seats, buckle their seat belts, hold onto their shoulder bars and then leave.  They always came back safely inside their seat.

Each time that it came to my turn to buckle myself in, I realized that we put a lot of faith in those seat belts and roller coasters.  Yet sometimes we hear about roller coasters stopping upside down and firemen coming to help the people safely to the ground.  I don’t really want to be left hanging upside down for half an hour.  But I still ride roller coasters because I trust them to work properly.

As I waited in line for another ride, “The Detonator,” I noticed a seat that was blocked off with an “out of order” sign so that no one would sit in it.  And I was glad that I was not the one to find out that that particular seat was not working properly.  When it was my turn I still trusted my seat to hold me in as it rapidly propelled me up into the sky and then quickly pulled me back down again, repeatedly.

Here’s the thing.  We put all of our trust in those rides.  The roller coasters that twist and turn you upside down and pull you high into the sky just to quickly drop you and then do it all over again.  And all those other crazy, but very fun rides.  We trust them, knowing in the back of our minds that sometimes they don’t work.

Then we don’t trust God.  He is the one who made us, loves us, always keeps His promises and never leaves us hanging upside down until someone else can help us.  He never has an “out of order” sign.  He is always there, waiting for us to come to Him and trust Him.

Each day I want to choose to trust God who has proven Himself to be trustworthy over and over again.  He even said this, “…I have chosen you and have not rejected you.  So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand,” (Isaiah 41: 9b-10 NIV).  Now that is something we can put our faith in.

* Thank you to my friend, Jenifer, for listening to me share about my roller coaster adventures and inspiring and encouraging me to write this post.  I appreciate you, Jenifer!

IMG_4286Okay.  I admit it.  These are my favorite shoes.  I’ve worn them all through the fall, winter and now the spring.  And last year I wore the same shoes, but a different pair.  They were so comfortable that when they started to wear out I went to the store hoping that they would still have them.  And they did!  What a happy day!

And now this new pair looks worn out, but they are sooo comfortable.  I will say that I have nice shoes when I need to look nice, but these shoes are my favorite and even though they’re getting kind-of embarrassing to wear, I still wear them because, well, you know, they’re comfortable.

Which makes me think, what else am I getting comfortable with?  I know I should get rid of these shoes for good, but they’re so comfy.  And after all, they’re just shoes.  But are there things in my life that maybe I’ve gotten too comfortable with – like with this pair of shoes?  Are there things in your life?

It’s a good question to think about.  It’s nice to be comfy, but what if God is calling you to give up something like a bad attitude or to do something new that may not be so comfortable?

A lot of the things that I’ve done have not been so comfortable.  Like when I agreed to lead worship for children and I showed up to find 350 children gathered in front of me and a microphone.  That turned out to be one of the most fun things I’ve done.  Definitely not comfortable, but fun.  And I think that’s the point.  When we’re not comfortable, we have to count on God to work through us.  We have to remember every moment that God promised to never leave us and that He will help us.  And we learn to trust the Holy Spirit to comfort us and give us courage.  And that is the best thing about serving God.  Watching what He does through us when we are definitely not comfortable, but willing to serve Him and do our best.

So as the weather warms up here, it’s about time to get rid of my comfortable shoes that I have enjoyed wearing for so many months.  Why is that so hard to do?  I will say, though, that I’m looking forward to wearing sandals and flip flops.  Shoes that are cute AND comfortable.  I am so ready for that!