A few years ago my kids and I planted tulip bulbs around a tree in our yard.  We planted them in the fall and then waited until spring to see if they would grow.  And they did!  We planted multi-colored tulips so it was fun to see what colors showed up when the tulips opened.

This year our tulips have just bloomed again.  And they’re beautiful!  But I just realized that only a few weeks ago there was nothing there beside that tree except for some old mulch partly covering the dirt after a winter of being repeatedly covered with snow and washed away by rain.  I think so often our lives are difficult or we have goals we are trying so hard to accomplish or we’re just very busy and maybe we feel like that ugly messed up mulch from last year.

But just below that mulch there’s a tulip bulb in the dirt that we can’t even see.  Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose,” (NIV).  For those of us who have trusted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we can know that God will never leave us and He is able to use those hard times in our lives for good.  Remember Joseph with his coat of many colors?  He had a few rough years (Okay, I know that’s an understatement!), but He continued to trust that God had a plan.  And God did.  In fact, God knew all along what would happen to Joseph.  It’s a great true story.  You can find it in Genesis 37-50.  And God knows what will happen with you, too!  God knows everything and He cares about you.  We just need to keep looking to God, like my tulips are today, reaching up as tall as they can and opening themselves to their Creator.

So just a few days ago we had only green leaves growing up from that mulch, but today I see glorious red and yellow tulips opened up and reaching to the sky.  And soon there will be new mulch surrounding those tall flowers.  I know that mulch is coming, but my tulips don’t.  They’re just there, being tulips.

So soon it will all be very good.  And beautiful.