Pot of Gold

Having just had St. Patrick’s Day, I was thinking about treasure.  You know, that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  And I was thinking about the things and people that I treasure.  And I wonder, what do you treasure?

I remember an episode of Seinfeld where a poor man treasured day old pastry and Elaine.  I do like pastry, but I can’t say that I treasure it.  I do treasure my relationships with many people, though.

I also remember an Indiana Jones movie where a character treasured being young forever.  That didn’t work out so well for him.  Being young is nice, but I am enjoying the benefits of getting older, like having older children who let me sleep through the night.

In the Old Testament we find that Solomon treasured wisdom.  Wisdom is good and I also want to be wise, but I still have a lot to learn.

We read in the Bible that Mary treasured in her heart the things that were happening.  I have many memories that I treasure in my heart.

The rich young ruler that we read about in Matthew 19 treasured his riches.  In fact, he treasured his riches more than a relationship with God.  That young man sadly turned away to go back to his riches instead of turning to Jesus and knowing the treasure of a relationship with God.  He missed out on the real treasure.

Psalm 119:162 says, “I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure” (NKJV), which brings me back to that rainbow leading to the pot of gold.  When I think of a rainbow I remember that God keeps His promises.  And choosing to have a relationship with God leads to a big promise – being His child, knowing that I will be with Him someday in heaven and that He will always be with me here.  And spending time talking with Him, reading His word, and having so many ministry opportunities, well, all of those things lead to a great treasure.

So today I will remember that God keeps His promises and I will rejoice at God’s word as one who finds great treasure.  What do you treasure today?