IMG_5230Day lilies.  I see them all around in the summer time.  They are beautiful green bushes full of brightly colored flowers.  Do you know why they are called day lilies?  Because each flower lasts only one day.  It’s amazing.  Every day the day lily plant looks pretty much the same, yet the blooms from yesterday are no longer there and the blooms today will be gone tomorrow.  Which makes me think of several day lily lessons.

First, day lilies remind me of how well our Father in Heaven takes care of His children.  Just like the lilies bloom each day, every day God gives us what we need.  Maybe we don’t even notice it, like we may not notice the new blooms on the day lily plants or realize that yesterday’s blooms are gone and it still looks nice.

Next, as I look at just one day lily I think of how perfectly God made each individual lily on that day lily plant.  He knew that each bloom was to last for only one day.  But He still made it beautiful.  Knowing the short length of time that it would bloom, He still gave it His best work.  I think that if I were to make something that would only last one day and maybe no one would ever see it or that one day it would just pour down rain on it, I wouldn’t give it my best.  Fortunately that’s not how God thinks.  His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  And He doesn’t cut corners.  Which makes me realize that we, too, should give whatever we do our best.  We should do our work – whatever that is – as for the Lord and not for men.  And while we do that, we can think of the bright, beautiful day lily.

And one last lesson.  Just look at that day lily flower.  It’s beautiful!  And so are you!  God created the day lily and made it beautiful, even to only last for one day.  God created you, too, but you were made to know Him and be with Him forever.  Imagine how beautiful YOU are to Him!

When you see day lilies this summer, what will you think about?