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What’s That Sound?

imagesFootball games are so much fun!  The people, the snacks, the sounds and the game.

After attending several home football games this fall I’ve become familiar with the same sounds that the band plays at each game.  At the last game, though, I heard different sounds.  And I wondered, “What’s that sound?”  I looked around the stadium.  And then I knew.  A different band was playing.  The visiting team had brought their band with them and they were playing very loudly on the other side of the field.  So loudly, in fact, that it was difficult to hear those familiar tunes from our own home team band.  A fan near me shouted out to that visiting band, “Are you trying to play louder than our band?!”  I quietly agreed with him.  I had thought the same thing, but I’m not one for shouting.  I struggled to listen to our home band play as I tried not to hear that other band.  After all, the other band was playing music that I didn’t know and this was our field.  Our own band should be heard loud and clear.

Then I thought about how we so often hear things that contradict what we know so well.  Those sounds can be so loud.  And I’m sure people mean well, just like that visiting band.  But meaning well and being loud doesn’t make something right or true.  Things that contradict the Bible or just what is true, like people’s own idea of how the world came to be or people’s own definition of marriage and so many other ideas today, are just sounds.  We hear a lot of sounds out there so it’s important to know what is true and to spend time reading the Bible so that it will be familiar to us, like the band’s music at a home football game.

So, next time I’m hoping that the visiting team doesn’t bring their band with them.  Sorry visiting team.  I just want to hear those familiar sounds of my hometown team’s band.



Baby Shower Fun!

In my recent post about the “Lovely Blog Award” I mentioned that I like to plan parties and had just hosted a baby shower and would post some pictures from that.  So here they are!

We had so much fun celebrating being girls as we blessed our special mom-to-be friend.

Each guest was invited to bring a picture of themselves when they were little.  As they came in that day, they clipped their picture to our special boards.  Then I brought the two boards to the middle of the room and we all wrote down on paper our guesses of which guest was each picture.  What a fun time!  Our mom-to-be actually guessed the most correctly!  Here is a picture of the boards:



You should have seen these boards with all of the very sweet pictures attached to the ribbons with little clothespins!  What a fun game!

I awarded the winner of the game a prize and then honored the mom-to-be’s grandmas that were there.  Our relationships with our grandparents are so special and I know that they have made a difference in her life, so they deserved to be recognized and honored with a prize, too.

Then on to the “just-for-fun” prizes.  The lady with the youngest child, the girl with the birthday closest to the baby’s due date, and the friend with the most children were among those who received prizes.  Here are the gifts they chose from:


Then it was time to remember that children are a gift from God so we wanted to honor God as well.  I shared some thoughts about the Proverbs 31 woman and being a mom, which was very fun.


And thinking about children, our little girl guests made very fun pictures with their clipboards of paper, stickers and crayons.



Then we took a short break, enjoyed some snacks and fellowship (Actually, we did that throughout the afternoon!) and came back to see all of the wonderful baby gifts.

Here are the treats that we enjoyed:






sugar cookies



 chocolate mousse

 (The mom-to-be had a fun idea:  a little moose sticker on the chocolate mousse tag.  And I actually had one!)








veggies & dip





mixed fruit





crackers & cheese (cut with a cookie cutter)



mini cupcakes





pink jelly beans


pink punch

Just to be sure that each friend knew how special and appreciated they are,

they received a special gift as we said “thank you” and “good bye” for the afternoon.