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Book Buzz!

My new book, “Papa’s Plan for Buddy Bee” will be out soon!

Here’s what Dr. Don Pahl, Pastor of Evangelical Bible Church in Omaha, Nebraska wrote, “”Papa’s Plan for Buddy Bee’ is a great way to share with children the need to communicate the good news to others.  I ran this story through the ultimate test … a private reading to my grandchildren.  They not only loved the story, they caught on to the truths communicated about sharing the good news with others.  It seems a much better method than simply telling them to share the good news!”

I met Dr. Don Pahl at Grace University.  I am grateful to him for reading my book to his grandchildren even before it had pictures.  Wait till you see the illustrations.  Hannah Segura drew them and they are amazing!

Here’s the Facebook Page link:

Best Bible Verse Ever!

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The other day I had lunch with the other ladies on my volunteer team for Good News Club.  It is always so much fun to get together with others who are serving God and I love to hear about how God is working in others’ lives.  It’s so neat how God can work in all of our lives all at the same time.  How does He do that?!  Okay, I know.  He’s God.  And I wouldn’t want to serve a God that I could completely comprehend.  Our God is amazing!  And so is His Word!  Which brings me to my thought today.  What is your favorite Bible verse? Or story?

I love the true story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal.  It’s so funny how the prophets of Baal spent the whole day trying to get their god to make fire.  Elijah watched them, even taunted them a bit.  Then finally near the end of the day, Elijah had his turn.  He prayed to God – the one true God – and there was fire.  So cool!

And John 3:16 has to be a favorite.  The Gospel message in one sentence.  God loves us so much!

Isaiah 40:26 and Psalm 147:4 are similar, showing that God knows all of the stars by name.  Just that in itself is amazing, but what I like is that God knows the stars by name, but He also knows our names – my name – and He wants a relationship with us – with me – not the stars.  Amazing.

I wrote about another favorite verse in my last post.  Check out “Discarded Christmas Trees”  where I mentioned Psalm 139:17-18.  I love that verse!

I could go on and on, but what about YOU?  What is your best Bible verse ever?

Discarded Christmas Trees

Shifting Sands

I just noticed a newspaper headline about Christmas trees.  It said, “Once Decorated.  Now Discarded.”  I didn’t read the article.  I’m not real good at reading the newspaper.  Unless you count the comics.  I like to read the comics.  But I bring the newspaper in and then put it away every day.  This headline caught my eye because Christmas trees are so fun and beautiful for a month and then we find them undecorated, forgotten and piled up in an otherwise empty lot after Christmas.

Hmm…That seems like us sometimes.  Isn’t it odd how sometimes we can be with so many people, but still feel alone?  I’ve had those moments.  But even when we feel like everyone else has abandoned us or forgotten us, there is someone who hasn’t.

One of my favorite Bible verses is Psalm 139:17-18.  Check this out, “How precious also are Thy thoughts to me, O God!  How vast is the sum of them!  If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand.  When I awake, I am still with Thee.”

Now the reason that I like this verse is not because I love to go to beaches and walk along the sand.  But because I have seen a lot of sand – backyard sandbox, neighborhood park, Florida beach, California beach, Hawaii beaches (Did you know that sand can be green and black?!) and even Mexico beaches (They have white sand!) – I’ve learned that there is a lot of sand on this earth!  And God says that He thinks about us even more times than the number of grains of sand.  Have you ever tried to get sand off your feet after walking on the beach?  Or off of your child’s hands before they come inside from playing in the sandbox?  Ever empty their shoes after playing in a park with sand?  There are are lot of grains of sand!  That means that God is thinking about us all the time!  Even when we feel alone.

Occasionally I will bring a container of sand to Sunday school or Good News Club and invite the children to guess the number of grains of sand just in that one container.  Then I share this verse with them.  Kids love sand!  And they can love God, too!

So today if you are feeling like an undecorated, abandoned, forgotten Christmas tree lying alone in an empty cold lot somewhere, know that God has not forgotten you.  His Word is always true.  We can count on that!  God cares about you and He is thinking about YOU right now!

Talking Too Much?

what are word for?

“Boys!  Dinner!”

My sons like to play in the basement before dinner time.  This is how I call them for dinner.  It hasn’t always been this way.  Being female, I used to call downstairs and say things like “Boys, Dad is home so be ready to eat in a few minutes.” or “The spaghetti is done.  It’s time for dinner.” to which I received replies like, “Huh?” or “What?”  because I used too many words.  Once I shortened my statement to simple facts – Boys.  Dinner.  – they quickly came running up the stairs.

I just recently opened a Twitter account.  How do you say things in 140 characters?  I’m pretty sure it was a girl who came up with the no spaces idea.  You know, like #howdoisaythisin140characters?

The other evening I was sitting on the couch with my husband.  I was reading my Children’s Ministry Magazine and he was reading his Steve Jobs book that he received for a Christmas gift.  He could hear a quiet hum coming from our refrigerator – the sound it makes when I’m using the quick thaw drawer.  He asked me what I was thawing.  I proceeded to tell him about the sausages that I was thawing for dinner the next night , why I had those particular sausages, about the sauce I wanted to use with them and why I was planning to have it the following evening for dinner.  Then I noticed the smile in his eyes and I laughed.  All I needed to say was “Italian sausages.”

Sometimes we can talk too much when we’re teaching our children’s ministry kids, too.  We need to teach them important Bible truth, but what are we doing to encourage them to discover on their own?  Kids today want to be involved in our lessons.  We need to give them opportunities to ask and answer questions.  To read God’s Word for themselves.  They will experience God and learn so much more when we guide them rather than simply lecturing them.  One of my favorite times teaching Sunday school was when I set up centers for the kids to choose after my lesson.  We were learning that God created everything just by speaking. Two boys chose the center where they could just spend time reading our Bible passage in Bibles.  Soon I heard, “Mrs. Lori!”  I had to go see what they were so excited about.  Then they announced their discovery from God’s Word that day, “God made everything just by speaking!”  They got it!  I spoke less, which allowed God’s Word to speak more.

God’s Word is amazing!  We should tell that to our kids, but also help them see it for themselves!

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the Italian sausage was delicious!